Slow Fire

Focus on yoga fundamentals to develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on proper alignment, and practice coordinating the breath and movements gracefully together. Develop a connection to your physical and energetic body while cultivating strength, balance, and relaxation. Breath is the center of a slow fire class, helping to create internal heat and provide support which allows students to hold space even in the most challenging moments.

  • Deep breathing
  • Create space
  • Simmer into sensation
  • Designed for all levels

Class Timetable

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Yoga is a very personal journey and each person is at a different place in their practice. I meet them where they are and support them on their journey. If you can breathe you can do yoga!

Practicing yoga is relaxation in the purest form. Our breath that flows through the body is full of possibilities and each posture is pack loaded with benefits. I hope to practice next to you, breathe with you or guide you soon!

Yoga is a gift and a blessing! It is an inner working with the self to get through the everyday physical and mental challenges. Yoga helps you go through so you can get through! I am grateful for each and every opportunity I get to be on my mat.